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Software Development Manager and Architect with over 14 years of experience in a wide variety of business intelligence applications. Primary focus on conceptualizing business needs and translating them into viable technical solutions. Particularly interested in algorithm optimization and non-linear, asynchronous communications (web services). Always interested in new media projects, AGILE-oriented approaches to project management and web security. Strengths include successful analysis and problem-solving expertise, as well as highly rated oral and written communications skills.

Personal Skills

Technical skills acquired are PHP development, SQL (MySQL and PostgreSQL experience), Shell scripting, Perl, Apache, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Open Source environments (several years of full Ubuntu/Fedora workstation usage with Eclipse PDT and OpenOffice). Medium-advanced system administration knowledge.
Management skills developed on the job include conflict resolution, contract negotiation, hiring, risk management, acquisition and budget supervision. Have supervised small and medium-scale projects and mixed teams of web, database & UX developers, as well as QA engineers.


Ocenture, LLC (Iasi, Romania – company based in Jacksonville, Florida)

Romanian Branch Manager (February 2008 – Present)

Successfully opened, maintained and grew the R&D branch of Ocenture, LLC in Romania. This venture started as an answer to Ocenture's need for a development base in a price-competitive area that allowed for better communication and improved quality output over its existing development team in India.
Among the many projects I supervised and implemented during this time, I find worth mentioning the move to a sensible release management process, the push to improve the quality of code and documentation and all the improvements made to the web service tier and scheduled server-side processes (crons) that I managed.
Reported directly to the Financial Controller and the Executive Team, worked together with the Product Management team and ensured that daily activities were run as smoothly as possible.
Maintained active involvement in coding (at least 2 hours daily), kept responsibilities mostly in server-side processing code. Was responsible for daily code reviews of the entire team output and the verification of code standards and good practices in the development environment. Organized local scrums and represented our team in company-wide Scrum of Scrums. Responsible for hiring of development team members, local systems administration (including networking tier) and management of a $550,000 yearly budget.

Software Development Partnership / Vast Visibility (company based in Southport, UK)

Customer Relationship Manager (July 2007 – February 2008)

Led several web-based projects for the UK market, taking them from post-sales-call to post-implementation support, via specifications gathering and wire-framing. Generally used (and had to adapt to) the company's modified version of the Wordpress framework for most of the implemented projects. The latest and most interesting was the creation of a CRM solution for a new roadside assistance / insurance company called YourKey, using the PRADO framework, which we identified based on the lack of compatibility between the client's requests and our generally used platform.
Managed a team of five PHP developers and two UX designers and worked on parallel projects during most of the time spent with the company.

E&J Software, formerly Getica Software (Iasi, Romania)

Partner and CTO (January 2006 – July 2007)

Managed most of the technical and customer-related aspects of day-to-day activities. Successfully contracted our main 2 clients and handled on-site integration of our media encoding platform with the latest customer – San Francisco-based Podshow – during a six-week code marathon.
Development responsibilities included architecture and coding of the media encoder engine (based on Open Source components such as ffmpeg and VLC), deployment and balancing of the engine in the server stack, as well as bug fixing and feature implementations in the main application. Oversaw daily development and conducted code reviews on all team output.
Hired and managed two teams of five developers each (bug fixing and new features in rotation), one team of four QA engineers and a team of two UX designers. Served as Team Coach for all purposes of our implemented AGILE project management techniques.
After having our platform sold exclusively to Podshow, reported to their SVP of Product Design and Engineering, as well as their Executive Team. Communicated with the heads of the Sales, QA and Engineering departments in the United States.

Midanne Total Promotion (Iasi, Romania)

Branch Manager (March 2005 – January 2006)

Supervised most of the aspects of day-to-day activities. Handled local (Romanian market) sales of an easy-to-use CRM solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Helped architect, design and implement said solution, based on focus group studies of market needs. Worked with (and advocated the use of) the PRADO framework and had my first experiences with AGILE project management techniques.
Spoke at two local development conferences organized by my alumni association on the benefits of using component-driven programming and architecture, as well as optimization techniques for handling high traffic in web solutions.

Freelance Projects

Web Developer (September 2001 – February 2005)

Worked on freelance web development projects, in teams or alone. The most interesting experience was my being part of a four-man team that worked to implement a complete B2B management and marketing solution for Multi Level Marketing companies, as well as several B2C implementations that integrated with it. One of the challenges I met was the design, implementation and maintenance of the Commission Sales engine, which allowed the creation of binary as well as arbitrary tree sales structures and had to support multiple upsells and commission tiers.

Dynamic Network Technologies (Iasi, Romania)

Web Developer (March 1997 – July 2001)

Web Designer (September 1996 – March 1997)

Started as a part-time occupation, mainly because of my interest in computer games and grew into me handling the gaming department of the largest ISP in north-eastern Romania. My main job was to design and implement the aforementioned section of the ISP's Internet presence, as well as maintaining the game servers and their respective usage reporting solutions (Quake 1&2 and emulation).
After discovering my passion for web development, I convinced my manager to allow me to port a fully static and very hard to maintain link farm to a dynamic, database-driven solution that I ended up writing in Perl with MySQL support. Following its success, I began working full-time as a Perl (and afterwards PHP) developer, implementing specifications that came from our department manager or gathered directly from our clients.


“Al. I. Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania

B.Sc., Computer Science

Focus on web development and database design
Founding member of “WebGroup” and <Web/> activity groups
Participated in a YMCA Work & Travel program in the United States between July and October 2002


Easy going, patient and a good listener, with a keen attention to detail
Foreign languages: English (advanced), French (medium)